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Refrigerator Magnet Cover Skins

Did you know that you don't have to settle for unattractive appliances? A refrigerator magnet cover can be just what you need to transform your icebox into a stylish, colorful work of art. Unlike peel-and-stick vinyl applications, full refrigerator wraps can be reused and are much easier to apply. The best place to buy refrigerator skins online is Best Appliance Skins.

You can choose from large fridge decals that feature glasses of wine, a vintage car or tasteful and elegant stainless steel. You can even use decorative refrigerator magnets to turn your fridge into a retro ‘50s era vending machine! These skins are especially useful for those renting an apartment or home that has older appliances. They won't damage the refrigerator and can help to conceal wear. Best of all, these skins are much more affordable than purchasing a new refrigerator.