How To Apply Vinyl Peel & Stick


  • The product is ready to use out of the box.  The new air release technology enables the customer to apply easily without wrinkling and entrapped air bubbles.
  • Carefully remove the vinyl skin from tube, let it lay flat on a clean surface. (In colder weather it will take a few extra minutes to become room temperature so that it is not stiff)
  • Note: Do not forcefully try to relax the material by rolling it inside out or bending it backwards as this could damage the vinyl.
  • Prepare the surface of the appliance by making sure it is thoroughly clean, dry and free of dirt, oil and any residues.

Measuring & Cutting

  • If you’re not very handy with making cuts, we recommend hiring a handyman person with print shop or carpet installation experience, as they would be familiar with making measured cuts so items fit.
  • Fridge handles can usually be removed so the  vinyl skin can be applied, then reattach the handles or leave handles off and use only the doors to pull open.  Some customers like the no handle option.   When the handles can’t be removed, cut and trim the vinyl around where the handles attach.
  • Measure and trace the outlines of the appliance on the back of the vinyl, then cut and trim to size.  The skin is easy to cut and trim with a sharp box cutter and or sharp scissors.  The basics of tracing an appliance to the vinyl, are tracing the outlines and breaks (where the freezer and fridge meet) onto the back of the vinyl.
  • Make long straight cuts with a sharp box cutter by running your box cutter along the edge of a t- square ruler or yardstick.
  • Note: Take time throughout the whole process, measure twice and cut once.  Check and recheck before cutting.  Once cut, it is permanent.

Apply to Appliance

  • Locate where to position the vinyl on the appliance and using small pieces of masking tape, tape vinyl to hold in place.  It is usually best to start at the top of the appliance and work slowly downward.
  • Note:  Don’t remove the entire backing first as this will make it almost impossible to apply to the appliance.
  • Start by peeling the backing of the vinyl about an inch, and stick it along the whole top of the appliance.  Continue to peel backing and carefully stick more of the vinyl to the appliance, pressing the vinyl firmly, with a squeegee or any type of soft cloth, using uniform strokes so it adheres to the appliance.  
  • If an air bubble occurs, it is easy to press out with a squeegee or your fingers.  
  • The vinyl is re positional within the first few minutes of applying, so you can pull up and push down in small areas, as you apply the vinyl, to remove air bubbles or wrinkles.
  • Note:  When working with the vinyl, keep work area and surface of appliance completely free from dirt (small specs of dust) because the vinyl could pick it up and imprint as the vinyl is applied.  If this happens, pull back the vinyl in only that small area, only during application and remove the specs of dirt and continue to apply.  
  • If something is spilled or splashed onto the vinyl skin, use a damp cloth to gently wipe clean.
  •  Never use any harsh soaps, detergents, abrasives or chemicals to clean the vinyl as this could damage it.

Enjoy The New Look of Your Appliances!