Product Instructions

  • Please Read First:  Directions for Applying Magnetic Skins to Appliances

  • The beauty of this product is that you can center it where you like and line it up according to your taste.

  • Carefully remove skin from tube, lay it flat on a clean surface to let soften and become pliable.

(In colder weather it will take a short time to become room temperature so that it is not stiff)

  • NOTE: Do Not Forcefully Try to Relax the Skin by Rolling it Inside Out or By Bending it Backwards

as This Will Cause the Print or Laminate Adhered to the Skin, to Stretch and Bubble.

  • Prepare surface of appliance by making sure it is thoroughly clean, free of dirt and any grease or residues.

  • Next make a template of the front of your fridge from a large sheet of paper or cardboard.

You may first want to watch some UTube videos to get ideas on how best to make general templates.

The basics are tracing the outlines and breaks of your fridge to paper. (where the freezer and fridge meet)

Then tape the template to the skin and cut where needed.

  • Use a 36” T square ruler or yardstick as a guide for cutting the skin. For a straight cut,

run box cutter along the edge of the ruler when cutting the skin. Scissors can be used for non-straight cuts.

NOTE: Take Your Time, Measure Twice and Cut Once. Check and Recheck before Cutting Because

When Skin is Cut it Becomes Permanent.

  • Fridge handles can usually be removed so that you can position the skin, then reattach the handles or

leave handles off and use the door to pull open. Many customers choose the no handle option. In some cases,

when handles cannot be removed, you may have to cut around where the handle attaches.

  • If you’re not very handy with making cuts, we recommend calling a print shop or carpet installer.

These professions are familiar with making measured cuts so items fit.

  • If something is spilled or splashed onto the skin, use a damp cloth to gently wipe clean.

Never use any harsh soaps, detergents, abrasives or chemicals to clean skin as this may damage it.

  • Note: When working with the magnetic skin keep work area and surface of appliance completely free from

dirt and small specs of dust because the magnetic skin will pick it all up.

  • If skin appears to bubble in areas when applied to appliance, then the magnet picked up dirt and

is imprinting (dirt imprinting though skin). If this happens, remove skin and clean magnet and appliance thoroughly.