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What Is An Appliance Skin

It is a magnetic sheet called a Skin, Cover or Panel that easily sticks magnetically to cover refrigerators and dishwashers. They are a fun, fast easy way to decorate your appliances and instantly change the look of your kitchen.

How Do I Use The Skin

First check to make sure your appliance is magnetic before placing order. Then choose from a variety of images, colors and stainless steel skin covers.You Just Slap Them On and Instant Makeover!Don't forget to use them on the sides of refrigerators too!

Will The Skin Fit My Refrigerator

The skin covers fit all fridge types and models including the sides of refrigerators. The skins ship, as one whole sheet, rolled up in a tube that you unroll, cut and trim to fit your fridge.The skins are very easy to cut with scissors or a box cutter. All orders come with one page of easy instructions.

Magnetic Appliance Skins – Decorative Covers & Panels

We have merged with Fridge Fronts to bring you a streamlined inventory and the lowest possible prices. All of our Magnet Appliance Covers are printed in house, within the United States, ensuring premium quality. People order our decorative appliance wraps for many different reasons, such as to hide unsightly scratches, rust and stains. One thing is for sure: They are a great way to update your space in minutes! Perfect for apartments and rentals, where you’ve been supplied with an unsightly ice box, or if you’re just looking to add some personalized flair to your treasured space. These magnetic fridge skins can also come in handy when you have mismatched appliances and you just can’t sleep until the color of your appliances matches. Or, if you're simply bored of your kitchen's dull appearance, these wraps will solve that problem, too. Choose from an impressive selection of eye-catching colors and pictures, and don’t hesitate to get in touch for any custom orders! Yes, we can transform your favorite picture of your beloved cat, child or bird, into a full-size appliance magnet! Use our refrigerator and dishwasher magnet covers to make your kitchen equipment look more modern and sleek, or more fun and eye-catching!

Our dishwasher skins and custom refrigerator panels attach to appliances magnetically through a simple process that can take as little as a few minutes. Unlike adhesive wraps, they're easy to remove or reposition when needed, never leaving behind a sticky residue. All of our custom fridge fronts are manufactured in America, so you can expect a durable, high-quality product, shipped from close to home and made with care and attention to detail. These full refrigerator decals and dishwasher skins come in styles that range from solid-black panels to images of beautiful tropical scenes. To get started, please browse our online wrap catalog, and let us know if we can offer any assistance!